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    On OY, how can I book a rail ticket?

    It’s simple to book a rail ticket on our website. All you have to do is type in the names of the places you’ll be visiting, your travel date and class, and the number of passengers you’ll be transporting. When you select Find Trains, a list of all available trains for that day and class will appear. After checking for availability, choose the train that best meets your needs and click Book. Then simply follow the on-screen directions to finish your reservation. It’s simply that simple.

    I'm not sure how I'll figure out which station to use for my reservation.

    An automatic look-up facility has been enabled for our clients’ convenience. To see trains departing from a specific city, type the city’s first three letters or its station code into the search box, and a list of all stations in that city will appear. You can then begin your search by selecting a specific station or all stations. You can even search for trains by providing only the three- or four-letter station code. For example, you can search for BCT in Mumbai Central.

    How do I choose the Indian Railways class to book if I don't understand the different classes?

    In Indian Railways, there are fundamentally seven different styles of seating. These are the following:
    – AC First Class (1A): The most expensive ticket available. Passengers are seated in air-conditioned and roomy two- or four-berthed private cabins.
    – AC 2 Tier (2A): Passengers sit in air-conditioned carriages that are divided into two or four cabins separated by curtains.
    – AC 3 Tier (3A): Three-tiered compartments with air conditioning.
    – First Class (FC): Passengers are accommodated in two- or four-berthed private, non-air-conditioned compartments that are roomy and well-suited for overnight trips.
    – AC Chair Car (CC): Reclinable seats with air conditioning. Most intercity express trains, such as the Shatabdi, have it.
    – Sleeper (SL): Like AC 3 Tier but without the air conditioning.
    – Second Seating (2S): Seating on bench-styled seats that is not air conditioned.
    When looking for trains, you must first choose a class. However, you may view a list of trains for a certain seating type by clicking on the option for that seating type on our search results page.

    Is the seat availability and pricing information accurate?

    The information on our site about seating and pricing comes directly from the Indian Railways Reservation System. We’ve cached the data on trains, routes, and rates on our site to make your search go faster. This data is updated several times each hour.

    How do I get a list of stations along a specific route?

    On Step 2, where the train search results are displayed, click the train name to see a full list of stations and their arrival and departure times.

    What do the various booking statuses imply?

    Any of the following three types of booking status are available:
    – Confirmed: This indicates that your seat has been reserved and that you have received a confirmation number.
    – RAC: This stands for Reservation Against Cancellation, which means you’ve made a reservation but won’t get a seat until the final chart is completed.
    – Waitlist: This indicates that your reservation is subject to availability in the event that other travellers cancel their reservations.

    Is it possible to board a train even after the chart has been generated if my ticket status is RAC?

    If your ticket status is RAC, you can board a train. If a seat becomes available, it will be assigned to you. If your ticket status is RAC, you can board a train. If a seat remains open due to a passenger not showing up or cancelling at the last minute, it will be assigned to you.

    I've heard that railways allow last-minute reservations. Is that something you can do on

    Tatkal ticketing is available through us, just like it is through Indian Railways. Customers can reserve tickets from the train’s tatkal quota two days before the train’s departure. Customers will also be charged an additional fee for tatkal services. Tatkal booking is not available on between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., contrary to the IRCTC website and railway reservation counters. Please note that the senior citizen discount does not apply to tatkal reservations. More information about the Railway’s Tatkal Rules can be found here.

    Why am I being asked to confirm the departure and destination stations throughout the ticket process?

    You can use the OY website to look for trains between two cities. It is possible, though, that a city will have more than one station. In such circumstances, it is critical that we confirm your departure and destination stations in order to fulfil your reservation.

    How can I see if a different set of dates is available?

    If you want to check for availability for a different set of dates, you have three alternatives. To begin, use the Modify Your Search button to conduct a new search. The second option is to use the Previous Day/Next Day buttons in the search results box. You can use this to check availability for the next six days or the preceding six days. However, using the Next 5 Dates option below the availability status is the most convenient approach to check availability. The screen will show the seat availability for the following five scheduled departure dates for that train. You can make your choice and continue with the booking procedure from there.

    What are the payment methods available on OY?

    We currently accept credit cards, direct bank debits, and ITZ Cash card payments.

    How can I be sure my credit card information is secure on your website?

    OY is a secure site certified by VeriSign. When you transact on OY, all information you input is encrypted and delivered across a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session to protect you from unintended information disclosure to third parties. You’ll note that the url changes from http:// to https:// as you travel from the passenger information page to the payment page. This indicates that you’ve switched to a secure channel.

    What is my credit card's Card Verification Number (CVV)?

    Credit card issuers have implemented the Security Code as a new security feature in an effort to lower the danger of Internet fraud. This number is only found on the card itself and never appears on sales receipts or billing bills. To prove that the card is in their possession, the cardholder must input the code number at the time of the transaction.

    On my credit card, where can I find the Card Verification Number (CVV)?

    Visa/MasterCard: Within the signature field on the back of your credit card, there is a three-digit code following the last four digits of your credit card number.

    My purchase will appear on my credit card account under what name?

    OyoYatra Pvt. Ltd will be charged for your purchase.

    Will my browser's privacy settings have an impact on my visits? has adjusted to practically all levels of your browser’s privacy settings, ensuring a smooth online experience. If you’re still having problems and suspect it’s due to your browser’s privacy settings, we recommend resetting it to default.

    Why do I still see old bundles and deals on the website?

    OY is always adding new content to its various categories. However, if you still see something that is past its expiration date, clear your browser cache to remove the old content.

    What does it mean when I get a 'Invalid Certificate' warning? safeguards your online transactions using Verisign’s latest 128-bit EV SSL certificate. This certificate may not be compatible with your current web browser version. Please try a different web browser or update your current browser to the newest version.

    Why does the website appear to be running slowly?

    We’ve done our best to optimise the website’s functionality so that you can have a great browsing and purchasing experience. If the website still appears to be slow, please verify your internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider.

    To view the website, which browser should I use?

    Our website is compatible with all major browsers. Visit us using Internet Explorer (version 7 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 4.0 or later), Chrome, Safari (version 4.0 or later), and Opera (version 4.0 or later) (version 10.0 or later)

    Help! When I tried to pay for the reservation, it failed. However, the money has been deducted from my account. So, what should I do now?

    We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you; the amount charged will be reimbursed to your account within 7 days. Booking aeroplane tickets is subject to airline inventory, therefore it’s conceivable that the seat you wanted has already been assigned to someone else.
    As a result, on confirmation of the allotment, the amount may be debited to your account. You can reserve another ticket with us online if you wish to continue booking.

    Is OY using cookies to keep track of you?

    We do not trace any personal information from your machine since we value our users’ privacy. When you log in to the OY website, however, we use session cookies. No other personal information is collected by these cookies.

    How can I tell whether my reservation has been confirmed?

    When your booking with Yatra is confirmed, you will receive an SMS and an email.

    Is it necessary for me to confirm my flight booking?

    Your reservation does not need to be confirmed. If you require any additional information, please log in to My Bookings or contact our customer support team at the above-mentioned call centre number.

    Is it necessary for me to reconfirm my flight before leaving?

    Reservations for domestic flights do not need to be confirmed.

    What is the best way for me to confirm my seat assignments?

    Only frequent fliers and business class passengers have access to this service; otherwise, seats can be requested at the check-in counter.

    Is there a refund policy for flights booked through OY?

    Each airline has its own set of cancellation fees. When making a reservation, these are indicated on the booking page. Check the booking’s fare rules for detailed information on the airline’s cancellation policy. OY charges Rs. xyz as a regular cancellation fee for tickets cancelled through our phone centre, in addition to the airline cancellation fees.

    What is the procedure for cancelling a flight reservation?

    You can cancel a booking on our app or website by going to the MyBookings area.
    Online Cancellation: Domestic flight bookings can be cancelled online with OY. Log into the My Bookings section of the homepage to cancel any domestic flight booking (excluding Paramount and GoAir) if the flight is more than 24 hours away. Then, from the left menu, select the Flight Bookings link to see your whole booking history with Click the Cancel Flight tab after finding the Yatra Reference Number for the booking you want to cancel. Before ultimate cancellation, you will be requested to examine and confirm the facts.
    Within 12 hours, your online cancellation will be processed. Standard cancellation fees will apply to online cancellations in addition to the airline’s cancellation fees.

    Is there a limit on the number of seats I can reserve?

    At any given time, a maximum of 9 seats can be reserved. If you need to book for more than 9 people, you will need to start the booking procedure over.

    What is an e-ticket, exactly?

    In place of a paper ticket, travellers are given an e-Ticket (electronic ticket), which is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number. When checking in for a flight, passengers must present their unique confirmation number at the airport airline counter.

    What method will I use to obtain my e-ticket information?

    The information for your e-ticket will be sent to the email address you supplied during the booking process.
    If you need to reprint your document at any point, e-ticket, just login to My Bookings, select the flight and click the Print button.

    For an e-ticket, how will I get my boarding pass?

    At the check-in counter, you must present your e-ticket confirmation email as well as your e-ticket number. Following that, the airline employee will issue your boarding pass.

    Is it required for me to provide my e-ticket confirmation email at the airline's airport check-in counter?

    Your e-ticket confirmation email is not required to be shown. If you do not have your e-ticket confirmation email, you must present photographic proof of identity (passport, driver’s licence, etc.) at the airline’s airport check-in desk. It is, however, recommended that you bring your e-ticket confirmation email and e-ticket number with you.

    How can I tell whether my reservation has been confirmed?

    When your hotel reservation is confirmed, you will receive an SMS and an email.

    Is it necessary for me to confirm my reservation?

    Your reservation does not need to be confirmed. If you still want to double-check if your reservation was made, you can write to our Customer Support Team or call our customer service department.

    How can I make changes to a hotel reservation?

    Please call our call centre at xyz to make changes to a hotel reservation (all networks).

    Will I be charged if I cancel my hotel reservation?

    For hotel cancellations, Yatra does not impose a fee. However, the hotel in question may levy a cancellation fee. For more information, check your hotel voucher or call our call centre.